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  Project    BLOOM!  

Project BLOOM!  is a collaborative enterprise carefully planned and designed to address the issues, and obstacles facing our community teen girls. During our 8-week classes, 8-10 "at risk" girls will receive hands-on life skills training, along with a curriculum developed by a Licensed Professional Counselor. For each participant our goal is to set foundations, build self-esteem, and enhance relationships. Want more information on this program? Call us now at (502) 509-3885!!!! We're expanding our program!!!

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Friday, March 18th, 2022
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Followed by the Open House
from 12:30pm-6pm

*Invites will be emailed or mailed to all of our amazing supporters!

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Our dedication is taking us far!!!! Stay connected with us to see how we plan to expand our community next!

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